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Debtor Financing – A Convenient Way to Overcome Your Cash Flow Problems

For any business organisation to survive and expand in the market environment, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to manage its cash flow successfully. Many business enterprises have gone into liquidation simply because they were short of cash to meet their operating expenses. This was in spite of the fact that their clients owe them money with a 30-to-60 day payment terms, but they did not have the cash reserve to wait for that period to be paid. For many small and medium business enterprises, offering payment terms to their clients offers credit risks. It creates serious cash flow problems and prevents from meeting their obligations like payments to employees or suppliers.

A convenient way to overcome such serious cash flow problems is by debtor financing. Debtor financing has a number of important advantages for both small and medium business enterprises by offering a flexible line of credit based on their outstanding invoices.

Most business enterprises sell their goods or provide services to their customers by offering credit terms of 30 to 60 days for securing orders. However, in most cases these invoices take more than 60 days to be paid. This reduces the business enterprise’s cash flow and can seriously limit the growth of the business.

Debtor financing allows business enterprises access to liquid funds owed to them in outstanding invoices before their clients actually pays them their dues. Debtor financing is a suitable way by which business enterprises can have access to liquid cash owing in outstanding invoices. The business enterprises get the remaining percentage once the customers clear their dues against the invoice less administrative expenses and commission charged by the financier.

In debtor financing, as the business enterprise delivers goods or provides services to its customers, the invoices raised are forwarded to the financier. The financier will then verify these invoices and advance liquid funds to the extent of ninety percent of the invoice value within twenty-four hours. The business enterprise will receive the remaining amount as soon as the clients clear their dues on the invoice less a small fee charged by the financier. Most business enterprises have the option to retain control of the accounting and collecting function or outsource this function to the financier. Most Debtor financing financiers provide their clients with online access to reporting to allow such enterprises to track payment receipts.

Debtor financing offers a number of advantages to small and medium business enterprises that include:

  • Flexibility – Debtor financing facility limits grow in-line with the turnover of the business.
  • Improved cash flow – It is possible to obtain available liquid cash against the sales generated by the business within twenty-four hours.
  • Negotiating Power – The business enterprise is in a better position negotiate favourable trading terms with suppliers. This enables it to take advantage of prompt payments discounts and to make bulk purchases.
  • Eliminates discounts to clients – Debtor financing eliminates the need for business enterprises to offer prompt payment discounts to customers.
  • Retain Business Equity – The availability of liquid funds from debtor financing can help business enterprises expand by purchasing equipment rather than selling business equity.

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Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Contemporary Aboriginal art also called Contemporary Indigenous Australian art is credited to the indigenous Australians artists who are believed to be the fathers of the modern-day art work. It is believed to have started in the Northern Territory, North west of Alice springs in Papunya by a movement of Artists in the early 1970’s.Kaapa Tjampitjinpa, Clifford Possum Tjapaltajarri were among the group of artists who began the movement that was sponsored by an Art worker and Teacher Geoffrey Bardon. Across the remote and rural Aboriginal Australia, the group of artists work triggered great interest from all the generations. Although a different genre of contemporary Indigenous art was developing in urban centres, the movement became a focal point of the Australian Art.

Contemporary Indigenous Art

The Indigenous art centers created by the movement, have lead to the development of the contemporary art movement which by the year 2010 represented over 4500 artists most of them coming from Australia’s west and north. The Contemporary aboriginal artists also have many prominent Australian Awards to their name. For a third time, the indigenous artists bagged in the Wynne Prize. In 2003 and 2006 the clemenjer contemporary art award was won by John Mawurndjui and Judy Watson respectively. In 2007 Shirley Purdie alongsisde Linda Syddic Napaltjarri a common finalist at the award bagged in the religious Blake Prize. Jenni Kemarre Martiniello from Canberra in 2013 won the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award which is meant for indigenous Artists.

Rover Thomas a Contemporary aboriginal artist, represented Australia at the Venice Biennale both in 1990 and 1997. In 2007 the first indigenous piece of art known as the Earth’s Creation by Emily Kngwarreye made history by becoming the first indigenous art work to sell for over a million dollars. The Contemporary arboriginal artists are also no amateurs in solo presentations in both international and Australian stages. Leading contemporary Aboriginal Artists have had their works included in collaborations such as the design of Musee du quai and Branly. To prove how the contemporary Aboriginal artists’ work is still viable in our society, almost all of their work is put on exhibitions in all Australia’s popular public galleries, this includes the National Gallery of Australia, which in 2010 launched a new section to specialize in only Indigenous collection.

Origins and evolution of Contemporary aboriginal art.

Archeological evidence of origin and Evolution of the art prove that Contemporary aboriginal art is the world’s oldest art that has been carried to the modern day. Before the European came to settle in Australia, the original inhabitants used various art forms, such as wood, sculpture, weaving, bark painting, carving and rock carving. Most of these art works have continued to be used up to today. They are used both in creation of art works for sale and exhibition and also for traditional purposes.

However, Since the settling of Europeans, usome other pieces of the indigenous contemporary art have been on the decline as some have been forgot and others are nolonger used. Some of the techniques that no longer see the light of the day include making of possum-skin cloaks and body decoration meant for scaring. However, Indigenous contemporary Aboriginal Australian artists have also adopted and acclimatized the use of modern strategies such as painting on canvas and paper. Drawings by William Barak in the late nineteenth century present a Good examples of this.

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Tips From Adelaide Local SEO Expert

In this article you will learn few tips that can help boosting your website ranking position. A lot of webmaster makes the mistake by tarting the wrong keywords for their website. Before you jump into writing an article for your website you should think properly what are the readers want to know and what would they type into the search engine and look for the answers. The long tail keywords is always the best option for the young website.  The longer the keywords you use for your website the more specific your article will be. So I aways look for the long tail keywords for my website instead of the short tail keywords. In the below article you will be learning what is long tail keywords and short tail keywords. If you want to know about us you can click on the link to connect with us.

What is short tail keywords?

Short tail keywords are generic words used by webmasters and writers to lure more viewers, these are general keywords usually used by a person if they are searching for a certain subject and basically wants to know more about it, they do not have a specific question about the product, they just need a lot of information about it. That is why for webmasters, especially for article writers, bloggers, and many more. It is significant to include many short tail keywords in their articles as much as they can to get a lot of visit who wants to know more information regarding the included keywords.

What is long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are important words or sentence used in searching a specific subject using different search engines, these are uncommon words if used individually. It is a phase that is commonly used by researches. Webmasters need to use a very specific long tail keyword on their article to appear on the top results. This is very essential to online advertisements and promotions as well so that more potential buyers would visit their website looking for the exact product that they sell. Instead of using just one keyword, they use one phase to find the most appropriate and direct answer to their question.

 To help you more understand about search engine optimisation for local Adelaide Business I will explain briefly about what is SEO competition.

SEO competition is the use of same keywords by different websites and articles when searching for the same topic. Since they use same keyword, the search engine result would based on the rank of a certain website, it includes how many time a certain website was mentioned in different articles, on and off page SEO factors and many more. That is why webmasters uses different techniques just to rank up their website especially if they have a very common topic so that their website still appears on top results compared to any other website that has the same topic or subject.

Hope the above information will assist you in your website ranking. However, if you do need someone to help you with your website ranking we are happy to help you. Read this article – 10 best step to max website ranking.